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Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Food Chain

Food ChainBy Christopher Golden

The largest Buffy collection ever! Food Chain presents such landmarks in Buffy's comics history as T.V. scribe Doug Petrie's first comics story, Bad Dog, drawn by the notorious Ryan (The Spectre) Sook; Christian (Rising Stars) Zanier's first two-part Buffy tale; and Chris Golden and Tom Sniegoski's first Buffy collaboration, from the 1999 Buffy Annual. Also presented here is the unforgettable Double Cross, Doug Petrie's epilogue to Buffy's third season, dealing with the night Angel left Sunnydale once and for all. These stories span three years of Buffy's history, taking us through the breakup with Angel, and into the college years.

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Spike & Dru

Spike & DruSpike & DruBy James Marsters, et al

Spike and Drusilla, the fan-favorite bloodsuckers from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" are out for power, kicks, and a little liquid lunch in their first-ever graphic novel. Whether stalking the backstreets of eastern Europe, taking in a little late-night demon-infested riverboat gambling on the Mississippi, or duking it out with vampire hunters at the World's Fair, the vampire lovers always seem to find a way to paint the town red - literally! Written by Christopher Golden (Buffy the Vampire Slayer Watcher's Guide) and James Marsters, and illustrated by Ryan Sook (acclaimed artist of the Buffy/Angel Ring of Fire graphic novel).

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Watcher's Guide: Volume 1

Watcher's Guide: Volume 1By Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder

As long as there have been vampires, there has been the Slayer. One girl in all the world, to find them where they gather and to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their members. She is the Slayer. Exclusive Interviews, Totally Pointy Profiles, Behind-the-Scenes Info, and Other Buff-stuff about the hit show.

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The Watcher's Guide: Volume 2

Watcher's Guide: Volume 2By Nancy Holder and Jeff Mariotte

The times certainly are a-changin'. America's sweetheart is impeccably dressed Buffy Sommers -- a stake-toting, smart-talking, vampire-slaying coed. The Watcher's Guide: Volume 2, jampacked with trivia, episode information, and more, and is sure to thrill slayer buffs.

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The Unseen Book 1: The Burning

The Unseen Book 1: The BuriningBy Nancy Holder and Jeff Mariotte

It's summertime in Sunnydale, and Salma de la Navidad, a friend of Buffy's from Sunnydale High, needs help. She and her family immigrated to America, and now she fears her brother, in an attempt to gain social acceptance, has stumbled into supernatural gang warfare. To make matters worse, an unknown creature has been doing a little night stalking. Buffy is certain that this new demonic presence has its roots in L.A. -- Angel's turf. So with the help of the Slayerettes, she heads off to battle demons -- both actual and personal.

Meanwhile, in the City of Angels, Cordelia stumbles upon a vampire-worshiping cult of runaways as Angel investigates an invisible presence wreaking havoc in the local prisons.

Now Buffy and pals must deal with identity crises of their own. Buffy may be the Chosen One, but she is, ultimately, expendable. Angel is unique, yet his particular status isolates him from humanity and monsters alike. So while all wonder -- do I make a difference? -- the humans and demons who surround them answer that question in astonishing ways...

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Unseen Book 2: Door to Alternity

The Unseen Book 1: Door to AlternityBy Nancy Holder and Jeff Mariotte

In Los Angeles, Angel and Buffy compare notes and realize that both are dealing with cases of missing teenagers -- most of them children of the rich and powerful. Coincidence? They don't think so. But when Buffy checks in with Giles, she learns that prime­time doomsday has hit Sunnydale, taking precedence over the gang warfare in L.A.

Back in her hometown, Buffy finds the doorway through which the monsters are gaining all­access passes to our universe. Renegade scientists have discovered how to open the portals from one reality to the next, which could explain where the teens are hidden. But when you're operating near a hellmouth, opening dimensional portals is tricky business: you never know who -- or what -- you're going to attract. With the lives of the kidnapped teens and one dangerously talented young woman at stake, Buffy and Angel join forces to do battle in the uncharted dimension...

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The Unseen Book 3: Long Way Home

The Unseen Book 3: Long Way HomeBy Nancy Holder and Jeff Mariotte

Buffy and Angel find themselves launched into a frightening reality where fierce dragons and other fairy-tale monstrosities rule supreme. Once they locate each other, they rally the missing teens -- including Salma -- and attempt to make their way through the interdimensional portal back to Sunnydale. Little do they know that two unlikely allies have also come through to alternity: Spike and the rogue Slayer, Faith, both with their own respective -- and complicated -- MOs.

Back in L.A., gang violence and vigilantism are at a fever pitch. The Slayerettes -- now an extended unit -- are holding down the fort, awaiting Buffy and Angel's return. But Slayer and Vampire are feeling moral conflict that rivals the physical strain of demon-slaying: each wonders if a reality exists where their love could have survived. And when one of the duo's charges is suddenly killed, the portal to Sunnydale is sealed. Now, before they can worry about ridding their own universe of supernatural chaos, they've got to find a way to get back to it...

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Spike & Dru : Pretty Maids All in a Row

Spike & Dru: Pretty Maids All In A RowBy Christopher Golden

Pretty Maids All in a Row presents a unique supernatural tale that finds favorite demon lovers Spike and Druisilla wreaking havoc throughout war-torn Europe as only they can. As long as there have been demons, there have been Slayers. But Slayers have short life expectancies and high mortality rates. Which is why there exists a list of Pretty Maids All in a Row.

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Sins of the Father

Sins of the Fatherby Christopher Golden.

When her ex-flame Pike returns to town with a demon hot on his trail and her "Watcher," Giles, becomes unusually preoccupied, Buffy begins to suspect supernatural foul play.

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The Angel Chronicles: Volume Three

The Angel Chronicles: Volume ThreeA novelization by Nancy Holder.

For Buffy the Vampire Slayer, birthdays aren't all parties and cake -- hers tend to involve a life-or-death battle with a big evil. Her seventeenth celebration isn't an exception. While Buffy's friends organize a festive gathering in honor of the special day, Spike and Drusilla are planning their own surprise party for the Slayer -- with a devastating demon as the grand finale.

But a passionate night with Angel changes everything. Suddenly, Buffy must deal with two forms of ultimate evil: the almost-indestructible Judge -- and the legendary vampire Angelus, who is determined to exact his special brand of revenge on the young woman who showed him true love.

Now, collected for the first time, are three stories from the hit TV series chronicling Angel's darker side.

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The Willow Files: Volume One

The Willow Files: Volume OneA novelization by Yvonne Navarro.

When Buffy the Vampire Slayer arrived in Sunnydale, she befriended a bookish, insecure girl named Willow. As a Slayerette, Will uses her computer prowess for good, hacking into electronic government files and researching obscure rituals on the Web. But Willow's love life is severely lacking, consisting of an unfulfilled crush on her friend Xander and a short-lived fling with a deadly demon she met over the Internet.

Through her often life-threatening experiences with the Slayer, Willow gains the confidence to just be herself in the peer pressure-filled world of high school. And when her first real boyfriend, Oz, turns out to be a his own right, Willow is just the girl to prove that love really is blind...and a little scary.

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