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Witchblade: Talons

Witchblade: Talonsby John DeChancie

A series of brutal murders have been committed in New York, and the trail of bodies seems to lead back to Russian mob boss Lazlo Kontra. But are the killings really gang-related, or the work of a mysterious group called the Order of the Raven -- a group that seems to know all about Sara Pezzini's secret...?

At the moment, though, the Order and the Russian Mafia are the least of Sara's problems. Rumors have been spreading through the NYPD about cops on the take, and one of the accusatory fingers has been pointed directly at Sara. Now Internal Affairs is looking into her activities, and they've taken a particular interest in the more unusual aspects of her past cases -- situations in which Sara had been forced to use the Witchblade to bring murderers to justice.

Caught between special prosecutors, gangsters, and mystical killers, Sara must once again call upon the Witchblade in order to survive -- but will it answer that call when she needs its power the most...?

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Witchblade: A Terrible Beauty

Witchblade: A Terrible BeautyBy John J. Miller

In the wake of a rash of killings dubbed the ³Machete Murders² by the press, the people of New York have been living in fear. Assigned to the high-profile case are Sara Pezzini and her partner, Jake McCarthy, who soon find themselves neck-deep in troublečnot just from NYPD brass, but from voodoo priests, evil spirits, a brother and sister pair of hired killers, and a Goth band called The Mountains of Madness!

Not exactly a normal homicide investigation, but then Sara is no ordinary copčnot when she¹s secretly the possessor of the Witchblade, a mystical weapon that can help her overcome her enemies . . . if it doesn¹t turn against her first. . . .

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Witchblade: Demons

Witchblade: DemonsBy Mike Baron

Will be published January 2003.

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Songs of the Witchblade

Songs of the WitchbladeTrack Listings
1. Overtura: Astroantiquity/Attacatastrophy - Babes In Toyland
2. Go to Sleep - Steele, Peter
3. Saraphrenia
4. I'll Get Even (Pt. 2) - Megadeth
5. Mater Dolorosa
6. Kill This Distraction, Kill Your Reaction - Subcircus
7. The Murderess - Fox, Kim
8. Blue Valiant
9. Bruxaria
10. The Bataglia Suite: Pezzini la Virago/Wallow/Assassin
11. I Put a Spell on You
12. Finale: Apocalypticraft/Tunnel
13. Witchy Woman

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