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David Eddings

The Elenium     |     The Tamuli     |     The Belgariad     |     The Malloreon

 The Elenium

The Diamond Throne

The Diamond ThroneFirst book of The Elenium.

Sparhawk, Pandion Knight, and Queen's Champion has returned to Elenia after ten years of exile, only to find young Queen Ehlana trapped in a block of ensorcelled crystal. As Sparhawk sets out to find a cure for Ehlana, he discovers that only he can defeat the evil plots that threaten her rule....

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The Ruby Knight

The Ruby KnightSecond book of The Elenium.

Ehlana, Queen of Elenia, has been poisoned. A deep enchantment sustains her life, but it will end soon. Then Sparhawk, Knight of the Queen's Champion, learns where to get to cure for the poison. He and his companions set forth on a dangerous quest to find the antidote before the queen should perish and the peace ends...

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The Sapphire Rose

The Sapphire RoseThird book of The Elenium.

Finally the knight Sparhawk had come to possess Bhellion, the legendary jewel of magic. With it, he frees Queen Ehlana from the crystalline cocoon that preserves her life, but Bhelliom carries dangers of its own. And now Sparhawk is being stalked by a dark lurking menace that is only the beginning of his troubles...

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 The Tamuli

Domes of Fire

Domes of FireFirst book of The Tamuli.

Danger stalked Queen Ehlana's realm. When an ambasador from the far-off Tamul Empire begged for help, Sparhawk, Ehlana's champion and Prince Consort, was the Emperor's last hope. For surely the knight who had killed the evil God Azash could prevail against the terror in Tamul. But waiting for him was a glittering court seething with corruption, treachery--and the greatest danger Sparhawk would ever face!

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The Shining Ones

The Shining OnesSecond book of The Tamuli.

Years past, the Child-Goddess Aphrael had hidden Bhelliom, the Stone of Power. It rested at the very bottom of the deepest ocean, that nevermore should its awesome power sing temptation to mortal men. Now Sparhawk, Knight and Queen's Champion, must retrieve that Sapphire Rose from its briny sleep. For only with the might of Bhelliom could he hope to thwart the fiendish schemes directed against the Tamul empire, and against his own homeland. Sparhawk's journey to recover Bhelliom would be fraught with peril. Only with Goddess' help could he hope to recover the stone. And that would only begin his quest, for the forces of evil sought to capture the gem for their own diabolical ends. Sparhawk and his loyal companions must keep Bhelliom safe from those who sought to steal it, as well as from the horrors which those evildoers had already loosed upon the world. Most feared of all the monsters that terrorized Tamuli were the Shining Ones: dreaded, glowing beings whose merest touch could melt human flesh from bone. All too soon, Sparhawk and his allies found themselves stalked by those fell creatures out of myth. For the Shining Ones, too, had designs on Bhelliom - designs that would change the very shape of the world... David Eddings launches a triumphant new chapter in his bestselling saga, The Tamuli, an astonishing quest ranging across majestic continents and among strange peoples. Once again Eddings weaves his unique and compelling brand of magic into an unforgettable tapestry of men and women and Gods, of sorcery and valor, and of an ancient world on the brink of cataclysm.

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The Hidden City

The Hidden CityThird book of The Tamuli.

Battle had been joined and fought and won. The Pandion Knight Sparhawk had met the forces of the foul God Cyrgon upon the field of valor, and justice and might had carried the day. But even in Sparhawk's moment of triumph had come a crushing blow. For far away from the battlefield, Cyrgon's hired minions had by treachery and stealth stolen away Sparhawk's very heart: they had kidnapped the beautiful Queen Ehlana, his wife.

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 The Belgariad

Pawn of Prophecy

Pawn of ProphecyFirst book of The Belgariad.

Garion the farm boy did not believe in magic dooms, but then he did not know that soon he would be on a quest of unparalleled magic and danger when the dread evil God Torak was reawakened.

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Queen of Sorcery

Queen of SorcerySecond book of The Belgariad.

The master Sorcerer Belgarath and his daughter Polgara were on the trail of the Orb of Aldur, stolen by a priest of Torak. With them went Garion, a simple farm boy, who had never believed in sorcery and wanted no part of it. Yet as they traveled the power grew in him, forcing him to acts of wizardry he could not accept.

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Magician's Gambit

Magician's GambitThird book of The Belgariad.

Ce'Nedra, Imperial Princess of Tolnedra, was confused. Everyone knew the tales of the Orb that protected the West from the evil God Torak were just silly legends. But here she was, forced to join a serious and dangerous quest to recover that stolen Orb.

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Castle of Wizardry

Castle of WizardryFourth book of The Belgariad.

The Orb protecting the West from the evil God Torak was regained and the quest was nearing its end. Or so Garion thought. But the Prophecy still held future surprises for Garion--and the little princess Ce'Nedra.

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Enchanters' End Game

Enchanters' End GameFifth book of The Belgariad.

With the crowning of Garion, there was a descendant of Riva Iron-grip to rule as Overlord of the West once again. But the Prophecy was unfulfilled. In the East, the evil God Torak was about to awaken and seek dominion. Somehow, Garion had to face the God, to kill or be killed.

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 The Malloreon

Guardians of the West

Guardians of the WestFirst book of The Malloreon.

Garion had slain the evil God Torak and had been crowned King of Riva. The Prophecy was fulfilled--or so it seemed. And then again, Garion found himself a pawn, caught between the two ancient Prophecies, with the fate of the world somehow resting on him.

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King of the Murgos

King of the MurgosSecond book of The Malloreon.

The infant son of Garion and Ce'Nedra had been kidnapped. Now they began the quest to rescue the child, through the foul swamps of Nyissa, then into the lands of the Murgos. And at the end they must face a horrible danger--to themselves and all mankind.

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Demon Lord of Karanda

Demon Lord of KarandaThird book of The Malloreon.

Zandramas had stolen King Garion's infant son and fled to use the child in some ritual that would make the Dark Destiny supreme. Garion and his friends had followed, and they travel across a strange continent and among stranger peoples struggling over the religion of a dead God. A story of ancient, opposing Destinies, battling for control of all men.

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Sorceress of Darshiva

Sorceress of DarshivaFourth book of The Malloreon.

As the bestselling Mallorean series contnues, Garion is pursuing Zandramas, in the form of a great dragon flying over them, across the known world. With the forces of evil threatening on both sides, Garion still had to get to the Place Which Is No More, as the Seeress of Kell had warned, but they had no idea where that might be...

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Seeress of Kell

Seeress of KellFifth book of The Malloreon.

Time was running out for Garion and his companions in their quest to recover Garion's infant son and heir. If they could not locate the Place Which Is No More, then Zandramas, the Child of Dark, would use Garion's son in a rite that would raise the Dark Prophecy to eternal dominion over the universe!

Only the Seeress of Kell could reveal the site of that mysterious place--and that she could do only once Garion and Polgara had fulfilled an ancient prophecy in the mountain...

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