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Vampire Novels

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 Nigel Bennett

Keeper of the King

Keeper of the Kingco-written with P. N. Elrod.

In Gaul at the dawn of the Middle Ages, Lord Richard was his family's fighting man, its invincible champion--until some force twisted his blade from his hand. And then he met the Lady Ardis, who soothed his wounds, healed his pride--and turned him into a vampire under her tutelage. His new job: Keeper of the King of England. True to Ardis's wishes, the English king was keeping civilization alive. Richard's object in unlife: keep the king alive at all costs. But that was then--now it's the 1990s and Richard's job isn't over.

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His Father's Son

His Father's Sonco-written with P. N. Elrod.

Sequel to the authors' Keeper of the King.

When an assassin threatens a family under his protection, Richard Dun the vampire once known as Lancelot places his immortality and his honor on the line. Coauthors Bennett and Elrod combine modern-day mystery with medieval adventure in a well-paced tale of undying chivalry and eternal truths.

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