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Frank Herbert's Children of Dune (Original Television Soundtrack)

Frank Herbert's Children of Dune (Original Television Soundtrack)Track Listings
1. Summon The Worms
2. Dune Messiah
3. Main Title (House Atreides)
4. The Revolution
5. Fear Is The Mind Killer
6. The Arrival Of Lady Jessica
7. Leto Atreides II
8. Inama Nushif (Montage)
9. War Begins
10. Battle Of Naraj
11. Rya Wolves
12. I Have Only Now
13. The Impossible Wager
14. Face Dancer
15. The Throne Of Alia
16. Trap The Worm
17. Salusus Secundus
18. The Jihad
19. The Ring Of Paul
20. Exiles
21. Sins Of The Mother
22. Irulan I's Regret
23. My Skin Is Not My Own
24. Reunited
25. The Golden Path
26. Child Emperor
27. Sign Of Bene Gesserit
28. The Preacher At Arrakeen
29. The Seret Journey
30. The Ghola Duncan
31. Leto And Chaniuma
32. The Fremen Qizarate
33. Farewell
34. Children Of Dune
35. Horizon
36. End Title
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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack or at Barnes and Noble.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Soundtrack

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack or at Barnes and Noble.

Boney M: The Greatest Hits

Boney M: The Greatest HitsPurchase this item at or at Barnes and Noble.

Sea of No Cares

Sea of No CaresGreat Big Sea's canny blend of Celtic melodies, acoustic-guitar-driven rhythms, and thrilling vocal harmonies have made them bestselling artists in their native Canada. On Sea of No Cares, they tweak their signature acoustic sound by adding drums, electric guitar, Hammond organ, and even trumpet. But they never stray far from their roots, and even when they crank up the volume on the raucous folk song "The Scolding Wife," the droning electric guitar sounds more like an extra-loud set of bagpipes than a rocker's sonic weapon. Each member of the band contributes to the songwriting, and their output tends to be upbeat in both mood and rhythm, as on the joyous odes to love and friendship "Stumbling In" and "One True Way." As the title song "Sea of No Cares" implies, the music of Great Big Sea is generally positive and sunny. But the inclusion of the old Celtic seafaring ballads act as a reminder that although the sun is shining today, a storm is never far away.

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Rant and Roar

Rant and RoarMusicians have been fusing traditional Celtic music with rock & roll since the '60s, but few have done it as successfully as the Canadian band Great Big Sea. Rant and Roar is the band's sixth CD, and it's designed to introduce them to U.S. audiences by presenting the best songs from two of their earlier releases, Up and Play. Unlike most Celtic-rock fusion bands, Great Big Sea eschew electric guitars and synthesizers in favor of acoustic guitars and traditional instruments like bodhran, bouzouki, fiddle, flute, and whistle. But on tracks like "The Old Black Rum," a rousing drinking song in the Dubliners tradition; the moving ballad "General Taylor"; or their cover of R.E.M.'s "End of the World," their instrumental prowess and powerful vocals more than make up for the lack of electric instruments. Not only have Great Big Sea scored hits with previously archaic song forms like sea shanties, drinking tunes, and ballads, they make these old songs rock.

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Road Rage (Live)

Road RageThe songs of Canadian band Great Big Sea are equal parts modern pop and rousing Dubliners-style Irish music. Road Rage is a live CD that was recorded over a three-month period in front of a series of large and enthusiastic audiences. The tracks include some of the band's most popular songs such as "When I'm Up," "Everything Shines," and "Consequence Free," which the band performs energetically on acoustic guitars, fiddles, flutes, and bodhrans. Also included are modern arrangements of old Irish songs like "Old Black Rum," "I'm a Rover," and "General Taylor," which feature some nice harmony singing from the band and lusty backing vocals from the crowd. If you've seen Great Big Sea in concert, Road Rage will stand as an excellent memento of the show. And if you've never heard or seen them before, this live CD is a great introduction to their exciting contemporary Celtic music.

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A Soundtrack for the Wheel of Time

A Soundtrack for the Wheel of TimeTrack Listings
1. A Theme For The Wheel Of Time
2. Return To Emonds Field
3. Song For Moiraine
4. Traveling The Ways
5. Spears And Buckler
6. Dream Walker
7. The Knowledge Of The Wise Ones
8. The Winespring Reel
9. The Halls Of Tar Valon
10. Search For The Black Ajah
11. Ladies Of The Tower
12. The Game Of Houses
13. Voyage Of The Sea Folk
14. Heart Of The Wolf
15. Journey Through The Waste
16. Lan The Warder
17. March Of The Trollocs
18. Rand's Theme (Fanfare For The Dragon Reborn)
19. The Aiel Approach (Dahl Of A Chant)

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Songs of the Witchblade

Songs of the WitchbladeTrack Listings
1. Overtura: Astroantiquity/Attacatastrophy - Babes In Toyland
2. Go to Sleep - Steele, Peter
3. Saraphrenia
4. I'll Get Even (Pt. 2) - Megadeth
5. Mater Dolorosa
6. Kill This Distraction, Kill Your Reaction - Subcircus
7. The Murderess - Fox, Kim
8. Blue Valiant
9. Bruxaria
10. The Bataglia Suite: Pezzini la Virago/Wallow/Assassin
11. I Put a Spell on You
12. Finale: Apocalypticraft/Tunnel
13. Witchy Woman

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